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Charter Oak Brewing offers four year-round flagship beers with a focus on well-balanced, full flavor, and copious amounts of hops, yet highly drinkable! We also offer seasonal and limited release beers which enjoy a more complex, robust body, and higher alcohol content. All our styles are handcrafted with all natural ingredients for the freshest, most delicious beers available.


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Flagship Beers


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1687 Brown Ale

Full flavored American style ale with distinctive roasted taste.

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Charter Oak’s 1687 Brown Ale

Charter Oak’s 1687 Brown Ale (this was the year the legend of the Charter Oak took place, and Wadsworth hid the document in the majestic Oak Tree – later to become know as The Charter Oak) is an American style which is slightly more robust than the traditional English Brown Ale. This beer is brewed to a dark copper shade and is somewhat sweet and malty with distinctive toasted flavors from both our premium specialty roasted and chocolate malted barley, also allowing for a faint undertone of caramel. This style is lightly hopped for balance and this ale will prove to be a wonderful selection for a sessionable beer. Our medium-bodied, limited bitterness and hop aroma make this an excellent choice. Look for our 1687 Brown Ale at your favorite watering hole today. Beer Stats: 6.2% ABV; 30IBU; 25SRM 
Best if served at 48 – 54F (9 – 12C) Tasting Notes: This American Style Brown Ale and its distinctive brown label was first introduced by the brewery in June of 2012.  The American style is somewhat unique because so many of the brown bodied beers are considered an English style, which tend to be sweeter.  The 1687 Brown Ale pours a rich dense brown shade with a faint citrus aroma.  Our brewery uses both malted and roasted barley in this beer for a total of seven types of barley which allow for a wonderfully complex taste, yet well balanced.  Of particular surprise is just how clean this beer finishes, leaving no residual on the tongue.  Interestingly enough, the 1687 Brown Ale also enjoys a very light mouth feel and at 6.2% ABV it enjoys a year round spot at the bar.  This beer is very sessionable and will have you saying “I’ll have another”!  Our 1687 Brown Ale pairs great on a cool summer evening or a bitter cold winter night.

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India Pale Ale

A balanced American style ale with full flavor and big hop aroma.

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Charter Oak’s Wadsworth India Pale Ale

Charter Oak’s Wadsworth India Pale Ale beer (named after Captain Joseph Wadsworth, for it was he who actually rode off to hide the Charter in the Charter Oak Tree)  is our American style IPA with plenty of hop aroma (dry hop twice) and a mild bitterness, yet crisp, refreshing and not over the top! Our Charter Oak IPA style will please your palate with more than your typical ‘every day India Pale Ale’ and you’ll be sure to taste our grapefruit citrus overtone backed with notes of pine and floral aroma and taste. Our beer is a medium bodied beer with a rich amber shade. Plenty of choice, high Alpha hops that we hand select, yet well balanced, with no bite, and not too intense for the best and freshest locally brewed IPA from our specialty malted barley. Beer Stats: 6.5%ABV; 65 IBU; 12SRM
 Best if served at 48 – 54F (9 – 12C) Tasting Notes: Our Wadsworth India Pale Ale , and its bold red branding, is a well balanced brew at 6.5% ABV; plenty of select malted barley, and an aggressive dose of premium hops,  we think you will enjoy the taste and aroma of this style.  Charter Oak’s IPA pours with a full head of foam and a rich amber shade. As you bring your glass up to your mouth, one can not help but enjoy the aroma of the citrus, floral, and piney from our fresh, finishing hops.  Indeed, a familiar nose for most American west coast India Pale styles.   Once the liquid reaches your tongue, our hops are loud and clear and as this IPA reaches the back of your palate, the hops only become more flavorful and intense.  Having said this, our IPA is not too bitter and one could argue, with all the hoppiness of this this well balanced style, it is a beer that can be savored all night long.

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Royal Charter Pale Ale

Superbly drinkable West Coast ale with moderate hop finish.

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Charter Oak’s Royal Charter Pale Ale

Charter Oak’s Royal Charter Pale Ale beer (named after the Connecticut charter hidden in the Charter Oak Tree) is the little brother to our IPA, but still brewed with plenty of flavor and hops. This top fermented ale is solidly a west coast Pale Ale style; not too sweet and not too bitter, but complex enough to not disappoint you. From your first sip and scent of a citrus and floral aroma, a solid backbone of the Cascade and Centennial hops can be detected. We hope you will enjoy this well-balanced, medium-bodied, and deep golden appearance in our Pale Ale. We can assure you it is not intensely hopped up resulting in only a subtle bitterness and dry finish. This is a beer you can drink all night long! Beer Stats: 5.5% ABV; 45IBU; 13SRM
   Best if served at 46 – 50F (8 – 10C) Tasting Notes: The Royal Charter Pale Ale, with its elegant green label, was introduced in October of 2012 as our second of four core Charter Oak Brewery beers.  This west coast styled beer pours a distinctive amber shade and enjoys a nice head of foam.   The Royal Charter Pale Ale beer enjoys a citrus nose and is designed to be a sessionable beer. The beer starts off a well-balanced ale with plenty of malt backbone and the hops become ‘alive’ on the back end.  Unlike the typical west coast styles, the intensity of this full flavored hop does not become any more robust with each sip or pint, but rather remains stable.  At 5.5% ABV and a full taste this Ale could soon become your favorite.


Legendary Series

Our Legendary Series includes exclusive beers that are well balanced and full flavored from the highest quality malted barley and bountiful quantities of exceptional hops.


Easy Ale Session IPA Big Hop profile but very sessionable at 4.9% Citrus nose and well balanced IPA Limited Release – Taproom only 4.9 45 7
Kings ESB If flavor begins with the nose and aroma, our ESB will have plenty of flavor! This British styled session beer will enjoy a fairly strong hop scent, flavor, and of course bitterness, yet you will clearly experience a well balanced ale from our specialty malted barley. Our ESB will be full bodied, bitter style that pours a rich and deep golden shade with plenty of carbonation. This beer will be available in mid 2015. This ESB will be a wonderful, crisp, and deliciously refreshing session styled beer without the harshness of an unbalanced hoppy beer. We hope you will enjoy this beer! ESB Limited Release – Taproom only 5.25 30 15
Dirty Road IPA As a Charter Series offering, this special release style was created at the brewery and enjoys a bit of a combo between our Brown Ale and the Wadsworth IPA with a malt forward flavor, yet plenty of hops on the nose. Dry hopped with copious quantities of the Zythos hop. IPA Limited Release – Taproom only 6.1 40
Brewbury IPA Full tasting and aromic celeberating Historic Brewbury AKA Danbury. Big hop profile, but well balanced and dry hopped with both Citra and Galaxy hops IPA Limited Release – Taproom only 5.9 70 5
Lights Out Summer Ale An easy drinking, very sessionable Summer Ale with a full Orange aroma and taste as one enjoys your first sip, yet finishes very clean and refreshing. Wheat Ale Summer Seasonal – 16oz-4pk 4.8 12.7 5
Easy Riding Kolsch As a Legendary Series offering, this sessional beer is an easy drinker with a great flavor. It is warm fermented, then aged at a chilly 40F for several weeks to yield a slightly dry and softness on the palate. A faint fruitiness might exist, but low hop character and no bitterness. Single hop with Hallertau straight from Germany. Kolsch Summer Seasonal – 16oz-4pkSummer 4.8 25 3
Gentle Rider Helles Official description from the brewery:
As a Legendary Series offering, this sessional beer enjoys a low ABV but big in flavor. Excellent summer choice but enjoyable all year long.  This beer has a malt character with defined, yet indistinctive hop aroma and flavor and absent of any bitterness. Light in shade, but big on taste!BBest if served at: 39 – 45F
Ale Late Summer/ Fall Seasonal – 16oz-4pkSummer 3.9 5 3.5
Fall Ride Vienna Lager As a Legendary Series offering, this Winter release proves to be a light, flavorful and malty selection.  This beer enjoys a medium body with a malt aroma and slightly sweet with a toasty or biscuit backend. Hop bitterness is distant, clean, and crisp. Lager Limted Release- 16oz-4pkSummer 5.2 27 8


Charter Series

Our Charter Series includes innovative and distinctive beers that enjoy a full body, robust aroma, and ample ABV. Brews in this series include copious quantities of both hops and specialty malted barley.

Rebellious Patriot NEIPA
As a Charter Series offering, this ‘cloudy’ special release is chock full of hops and uniquely tart with a soft lemon/lime on the back end. Immense addition of Equinox Hops in our dry hop. NEIPA Limited to Taproom only 6.1% 60 7.2
Hazy Rider NEIPA
As a Charter Series offering, this juicy special release is a delicious hazy New England India Pale Ale hop bomb, yet well balanced. Dry hopped with plenty of the Southern Hemisphere Galaxy Hop. NEIPA Limited to Taproom 7.8% 91 8.6
Defiant Oatmeal IPA
As a Charter Series offering, this limited release has a well-balanced grain bill with big citrus aroma at the back end.  This one is a medium bodied style with intense hop aroma from our skillful use of pacific northwest hops. IPA Limited to taproom only 6.2% 55 6.1
Rebellious Yankee – Galaxy  NEIPA
As a Charter Series offering, this medium bodied limited release is hazy and full of hops yet well integrated, silky and full mouthfeel. We specially treated our water to result in a soft, crisp, dry finish.  Hazy in appearance, delicious and well balanced in taste!  Big Galaxy hop charge for a citrus and passionfruit aroma. NEIPA Limited to taproom only 6.1% 65 5.8
Midnight Ride Porter As a Charter Series offering, this seasonal release was inspired by the English and improved by the American craft brewer, this release enjoys a slight roast/toast (not burnt) malt flavor, but light monthfeel on the palate. Absolutely no bitterness yet a full dose of fresh hops right from the UK – Goldings / Northern Brewer. A great choice for a cool Fall evening or cold winter night. Porter Seasonal – Fall / Winter – Taproom only 5 18 37
Mosaic IPA Great tasting and approachable. Single hopped throughout the boil with Mosaic hops and the process continues with abundant amounts of the Mosaic hop during our dry hop additions. IPA Limited Release – Taproom only 5 70 7
Windy Night Galaxy Pale Ale
Big hop profile with a passion melon back end Ale Limited Release – Taproom only 5.1 45 6.5
Quick Dash Cascade/Equinox IPA Complex flavor but well balance and delicious. melon, berry, orange peel aroma IPA Limited Release – Taproom only 5 47 6.5
Wrong Way West Coast IPA West Coast and fully hopped with copious quantities of Pacific Northwest Hops for big aroma and flavor, yet well balanced.. IPA Limited Release – Taproom only 5.1 90 7
Courageous Strong Ale Chinook It will pour a rich deep brown with two fingers of tan foam and a wonderful, yet subtle piney aroma. This style is complex, yet well balanced and very drinkable; brewed with generous quantities of hops, and yet plenty of specialty malted barley. A Full month feel with plenty of flavor left on the pallet through the last drop in the pint glass. This is also the beginning of our single hops releases. The Courageous Strong Ale is hopped with aggressive quantities of Chinook. Strong Ale Limited Release – 16oz 4pk 5.1 70 15
Brown Ale Citra We’ve taken our popular Brown Ale and rebrewed this to include the citra hop for combine for a big ciitrusy aroma to the nose! Hopped throughout the boil with Cascade, Centennial and Columbus hops and the process continues with abundant amounts of the Citra hop during our dry hop additions. IPA Limited Release – 16oz -4pk 6.2 45 25
OAKtoBEER Marzen Oktoberfest Big German style and popular in the Fall. We’ve brewed this one speicial for our taproom celebration, OAKtoBEERfest Marzen (Malty, flavorful, Oktoberfest delight) Marzen Seasonal – 16oz-4pk 5.25 28 7
Stubborn Yankee Citra Lager
We ‘Americanized’ this one…Added a robust citra hop charge to tour dry hopping schedule for a well balanced, yet complex lager.

As a Core, this new flagship Series offering is our hybrid creation, taking a big grain bill full of specialty barley, fermenting cold with lager yeast and then introducing a robust dose of the popular Citra Hop for a big citrus, tropical fruit aroma yet well-balanced taste profile. Easy drinker and a big hit at our taproom.

A Charter Oak original Marzen Seasonal – 16oz-4pk 2018  Look for this to be a core in 2019 5.25 28 7
Cascadian Black IPA Big malt flavor with huge citrus aroma – single hop with Citra hop IPA Seasonal – Fall / Winter – Taproom only 5.75 83 38


Oak Series

Our Oak Series includes our proprietary ultra unique brews that are generally aged for several months or (even years!) to offer a diligent balanced beer and typically higher ABV.

Lights Out Stout As an Oak Series offering, Charter Oak’s ultra-limited release is a very well rounded and perfectly balanced, yet robust, Russian Imperial Stout. This winter release was brewed to an opaque, midnight black shade with an abundance of specialty malted and roasted barley and plenty of East Kent Golding and Northern Brewer hops. Lights Out Stout enjoys a complex taste profile of coffee, toffee and a mild chocolate backend and at 9.1% ABV it’s a real sipper on a chilly New England winter evening. Look for the bourbon barrel release soon. Imperial Stout Seasonal – 16oz-4pk 9.1 50 50
Lights Out Stout BBL Aged Our Lights Out Stout that we carefully transferred and aged in bourbon barrel for several months in freshly emptied Bourbon Barrels Imperial Stout Limited Release – Taproom only 11.2 50 50