Connecticut Blue Laws Under Review

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After decades of operating under antiquated regulations, Connecticut, the state that the Charter Oak Brewing Company is headquartered in, is currently reviewing their infamous Blue Laws.  Although our state never actually ratified the 18th amendment, calling for prohibition, Connecticut is often referred to as the Blue Law State.   Two examples of this reference include the lack of Sunday liquor sales which have been prohibited since 1933, and the confining serving hours of restaurants and bars only allowing liquor served until 1am Sunday through Thursday (2am on Friday and Saturday).  Accordingly, drinkers are flocking to neighboring states and this results in fewer sales for Connecticut establishments.'

Governor Malloy is currently lobbying to change many of the current regulations to permit liquor sales on Sunday, grant permission to bars and restaurants to remain open until 2am for all 7 days, and ease policies for grocery stores that sell alcohol as well as allow them to market beer until 10pm.  If 100% successful, other revisions to the law would include, small convenience stores being given the option of selling beer, as well as one person, or one LLC, allowed to operate more than only the two package stores now permitted.  One other modification Malloy is seeking includes the minimum bottle and quantity discount law, which the governor is interested in eliminated altogether. Removing regulations such as posted prices, quantity discounts, and depletion allowances could and would hurt the smaller proprietors; this grants regulated price levels allowing them to buy alcohol at competitive pricing to the bigger box stores.  If the removal is successful, this would also create great harm for the smaller craft beer brewers… more on this in another release, but it is NOT good!

The Governor recently reported that Connecticut is behind the times and losing important tax revenue because residents are buying their beer, wine and spirits across the border in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New York.  We at Nor’easter Brewing think Gov. Malloy has several good points, and reducing many of these obsolete regulations should certainly assist with our states’ sales.  Why the push back?   It appears the local, smaller liquor stores and restaurant owners believe that sales will not improve, at least not to the extent that the additional sales will cover the extra costs of staying open.  They also believe DUI incidents will increase.  Lastly, but very important, eliminating price posting and promoting quantity discounts is NOT a beneficial idea, and would place the majority of smaller off premise stores at jeopardy as well as smaller breweries and wineries.

The legislation will be reviewing Governor Malloy’s requests in the current session and we will report results as they occur.   We would enjoy hearing comments from our readers.  These state government discussions are occurring now and we can incorporate your ideas into our presentations to the state.

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