Beer Market Continues to Grow

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Researchers are beginning to release sales and volume figures for 2011 beer sales in America and initial figures look promising.  The total USA beer sales increased by nearly 2% to $98.94Billion.  The Beer Institute reported that most of this growth was a result of strong performance by craft beer, imports, and premium beers.  Restaurants and bars (up 3% to $55Billion) witnessed increased demand despite a poor economy, while 'off-premise' stores such as convenience, liquor and supermarkets grew less than 1% or $43Billion.

Meanwhile, demand for Bud-Miller Coors domestic beers remain weak.  Several analysts believe this is a direct result of the poor economy in that it is primarily the middle income consumers that buy these beers, and many have felt the challenges of this recession. 

Although over all volume decreased 1.5% to 202.6Million Barrels (2.9Billion cases), we are happy to report, beer remains the #1 most popular alcoholic beverage in America.

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