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Charter Oak Brewing will offer four year round flagship beers which are Ales and all brewed to style with a focus on well-balanced, full flavor, and copious amounts of hops, yet highly drinkable!. COBC will also market four seasonal beers which will enjoy a more complex, robust body, and higher alcohol content. All our styles will be hand crafted beers with all natural ingredients and will be the freshest, most delicious beers available. The brewery will also market limited releases called the Charter Series and the Oak Series (barrel aged) as well as cask conditioned beer. Feel free to scroll to the bottom of this section and read about the famous Connecticut Charter Oak legend and our beers. Cheers!

Flagship Beers

Charter Oak's 1687 Brown Ale (this was the year the legend of the Charter Oak took place, and Wadsworth hid the document in the majestic Oak Tree - later to become know as The Charter Oak) is an American style which is slightly more robust than the traditional English Brown Ale. This beer is... Read More

Charter Oak's Royal Charter Pale Ale beer (named after the Connecticut charter hidden in the Charter Oak Tree) is the little brother to our IPA, but still brewed with plenty of flavor and hops. This top fermented ale is solidly a west coast Pale Ale style; not too sweet and not too bitter, but... Read More

COMING SOON.  Charter Oak's Sanford Tavern Extra Special Bitter (It was at this "meeting house" that the patriots met and refused to surrender the charter to the British) - If flavor begins with the nose and aroma, our ESB will have plenty of flavor! This British styled session beer will enjoy a... Read More

Charter Oak's Wadsworth India Pale Ale beer (named after Captain Joseph Wadsworth, for it was he who actually rode off to hide the Charter in the Charter Oak Tree)  is our American style IPA with plenty of hop aroma (dry hop twice) and a mild bitterness, yet crisp, refreshing and not over the... Read More

Seasonal Beers

COMING SOON.  Although Porter Beers have been brewed in America since 1776, this one is sure to be a real revolution! Our Porter, true to style, will be very dark brown (almost black) in color from the roasted Chocolate malts.  This style will have plenty of roasted grain taste, together with... Read More

COMING SOON.  Charter Oak's Stout may surprise even the true beer geek with its full mouth feel, yet a light and refreshing finish!  Our Stout is unique, with our special selection of malted barley, hand picked hops, filtered water, and special yeast.  Do not let the jet black shade sway your... Read More

COMING SOON.  This style may have been developed in Cologne, Germany, but we think we have perfected it here at the Charter Oak Brewery.  Charter Oak's Kolsch-style beer is a pale, light bodied golden ale  (like Champaign)  which is the perfect choice for a warm summer afternoon or evening.  The... Read More

COMING SOON. Our beer offerings would not be complete without including a wonderful Belgian styled beer; we chose Charter Oak's Abbey Dubbel.  This beer will be a medium bodied, dark brown ale that might even make the Trappist monks ask for the recipe!  Our Dubbel will have a strong malty... Read More

Charter Oak's first in their limited release 'Charter Series' is Lights Out Stout (recall, it was when the candles mysteriously were extinguished, the Charter 'disappeared') is a robust, yet well balanced Russian Imperial Stout.  This limited release is brewed to an opaque, midnight black shade... Read More

Only available at select stores.

Charter Oak's second in their limited release 'Charter Series' is Lights On Summer Ale (recall, it was when the candles were relit, the Charter went missing) is an easy drinking, wheat based beer infused with real Oranges.  It is a perfect beer for those... Read More

Recall the Charter was hidden in an Oak Tree that lived 1000 years and grew to 33 feet round.

Only available at select craft beer stores.

This is a limited release, third in the Charter Series,  American Strong Ale that is robust in character, taste, ABV, and shade.  It... Read More

Charter Oak's current limited release in our  popular 'Charter Series' is a re-release of the Lights Out Stout which has been carefully cellar aged in the bottle for one year. This is a very well rounded and perfectly balanced, yet robust, Russian Imperial Stout.  This ‘ultra’ limited release... Read More

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